What is a pun and why you should make one

It’s a homographic pun!

There are many types of pun, but most of them fall under one of these four categories. Let’s have a look inside!

This article is full of them*!

So, there are words. These are the ways you can play with them. Now, why should you come up with some puns?

You don’t need to think of any puns when people will give them to you unintentionally!

Our languages and our inability to convey our thoughts clearly will do the trick. Just listen to your fellow human beings while they are talking instead of thinking a smart response.

Creating a pun is a personal experience. This is where listening to other people is not enough, and the fun part begins!

Combine the interesting words you heard with some funny situations. Use the misunderstanding that happened earlier as a punchline in another joke. See how many more puns you can create from a pun you heard during the day. Write them down and start to blend them together.

Our world may be profoundly flawed, but it’s also genuinely hilarious, and we shouldn’t be afraid to analyse why.

Let’s embrace it and think of a stupid homophonic pun, to make everybody hate us.



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