The year we grew up

2018 was the most challenging year for jetdrops’ history. It got us much more mature.

  • We started a new department.
  • We grew our team.
  • We focused on video production.
  • We didn’t do things as good as we wanted to.

We started a new department

We have only been working on digital projects since the day we were founded. Call it social media marketing, website design & development, newsletter marketing or mobile app design & development, all our projects were about digital marketing. Nonetheless, communication should not and cannot be only in digital form. Real life experiences are much more memorable and can actually create feelings. As Maya Angelou said,

I’ve learned that people will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel.

So, we had to start creating more feelings. And we did, by creating our own, in-house PR department. In July, we signed our 2 first clients: VANS & Eastpak.

The Challenge

Starting a new department in our company has never been easy. Actually, it has been a terrifying process as we are stepping out of our comfort zone and we are getting into something completely new. As much terrifying it might be, it is equally exciting!

  • influencer marketing has been very close to digital marketing and even closer to YouTube content production (more on this, later)
  • the most viral videos online derive from offline content and, if we want to make great online content, we have to make great offline activations
  • digital should not act on its own; digital is part of a wider strategy where offline activations are equally important
  • our clients were asking us for this type of services

We grew our team

Dora Papakonstantopoulou joined us in July as Communications & PR Strategist. After 8 years in PR agencies, Dora took the leap of faith and decided to join us by heading jetdrops’ PR department.

The Challenge

Hiring new people has always been difficult for us. None of us has any HR background and we don’t have any solid internal procedures for hiring. When hiring a new person, we mainly focus on cultural fit. We want each new team member to be psyched to join jetdrops. Potential hires usually meet the majority of the team and we only make an offer when we are sure that there is a perfect match. It does not always work the way we want it to, but we are trying to minimise the turnover because, as in all small companies, people turnover hurts us the most.

We focused on video production

In Greece, when marketeers are asked to describe Social Media they respond mostly with Facebook & Instagram. We do love both of these platforms: Everyone is on Facebook while Instagram is the feel-good network for users.

The Challenge

YouTube content production in Greece has not been very popular amongst marketeers mainly due to its high cost, compared to Facebook & Instagram content. However, we are confident that over the next couple of years, YouTube will be extremely hot and everyone will be doing it.

We didn’t do things as good as we wanted to

During 2018 we faced numerous challenges; others were related to the projects and others were related to our operating model.

Growing up is not easy.

Dealing with these challenges resulted in not doing some things as good as we would like to.

  • Although we launched jetdrops’ Facebook page, we haven’t posted any content.
  • Although we posted some content in jetdrops’ Instagram account, we didn’t post as much as we would like to.
  • Although we posted 16 articles in jetdrops’ medium account in 2017, we only posted 1 in 2018.
  • We didn’t make as many proactive suggestions as we would like to to our existing clients.
  • We didn’t promote jetdrops at all; and it’s a shame.
  • We didn’t celebrate.
  • We didn’t work on any cool, refreshing & owned projects.

2019 Resolutions

So, this year we have to make things better and that’s why we will set specific targets.

  1. Celebrate our successes.
  2. Post at least once per week in our Facebook account.
  3. Post at least once per week in our Instagram account.
  4. Write 20 articles in our medium account.
  5. Launch at least 2 owned projects.
  6. Make our people, clients & partners happier!



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