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In the digital world we live in, the identity of each brand is essential to its existence maybe more than ever before. Each identity, in order to be distinctive, unique and well-guarded, has to follow a set of rules: The Brand Guidelines.

Whether you are a graphic designer, a brand manger or a marketing specialist, you will find this tutorial very handy to create your brand’s guidelines.

So we gathered some tips and thoughts, that helped us create jetdrops’ brand guidelines. (download link in the end of the article!)

Let’s talk about the creation process

Different brands demand different approaches.

From fonts, colours and logo, to the stationery (or not!) material, you have to choose wisely the ones that fit better in your brand’s needs. Prior to start designing, you have to break down all the elements you’ll need to incorporate in your brand guidelines presentation.

Moodboard (Colour — Elements — Patterns)

  • Colour palette: Since your colours will probably accompany you forever, it is important to select those that evokes the right emotions and reactions.
  • Elements: They are the structure of the work, and can carry all sorts of messages further down the road.
  • Patterns: They describe a problem that occurs over and over again and the solution to that problem.
  • Show all the colours that the brand consists of and don’t forget their hex numbers.
  • Also, don’t forget to explain how the patterns work.
  • Briefly present the idea behind the logo.

Typography (Text — Title)

  • Show the font you have selected with examples of its use.
  • If you have used different fonts, show them both and explain explicitly when each of them shall be used.


  • If your logo consists of more visual elements and not just typography, explain the visual aspect.

Logo Applications

  • Show the applications of your type over colours.
  • Show the logo.
  • Show the colours of your logo as well as the B&W versions.
  • It’s important to also showcase the use of your logo with a variety of colours and background images or gradients.
  • Don’t forget to mention the wrong uses of the logo.

Safe to crop

  • Normally the logo shouldn’t be cropped but if it’s absolutely necessary don’t forget to showcase the area that is safe to crop your logo.

Monogram or Sign Applications

  • Show the monogram and its applications over colour(s).
  • Don’t forget to mention the wrong uses of the monogram.

Stationery Material

  • Give examples of how your logo can be used in different printed materials.
  • Choose your stationery materials, based on your needs. For example, an advertising company will need its logo for various uses, digital or print, while the restaurant will need to create custom menus, aprons etc.
  • Βe sure to think outside the box, in order to cover every aspect in which your logo may be used. Of course that is impossible, and omissions are to be expected but be sure not to forget the important ones.

Extra Tips

  • It needs time and thought in order to create brand guidelines. So don’t rush it!
  • Brand Guidelines are to be used as directions for better understanding the brand. Don’t forget that a brand constantly evolves and changes will occur.
  • Although you must explain everything with text, don’t forget that your presentation is visual.
  • How are you going to present the brand guidelines you have created? PDF is the king, but you could even create a whole website with your brand guidelines (as Dropbox did).

We hope that these information will help you get started and save some time in the process. But, as we mentioned, these were our tips. If you also have something that could help, please comment below.

After all, sharing is caring!

P.S. 1: You can download jetdrops’ brand guidelines here!

P.S. 2: You can check out our behance profile and our work here!

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We are an advertising agency. We love social media analytics, effective campaigns & challenging digital projects. Try us:

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We are an advertising agency. We love social media analytics, effective campaigns & challenging digital projects. Try us:

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