5 ways to stay creative while working from home

Warning: Do try these at home.

Creativity is a fluid in our bodies. If you want your creative juices to start flowing again, you will need stimulus.

Not the perfect, randomly generated stimulus that sparked your imagination before the quarantine.. In times like this, you have to re-create it by yourself. And this is how you can achieve it.

1. Keep parts of your daily routine untouched

Everything changed but… did it really? You still wake up at the same time, take a bath (hopefully), wear some clothes other than your pyjamas and sit, most probably, in front of a computer. If you’re not doing any of this, then you probably should.

Also, you look terrible in your pyjamas.

2. Read a book

Did I say one? My bad. Read tons of books you uneducated piece of… Ok, maybe I overdid it. But I’m safe because you can’t leave your house and hurt me. That’s the whole point.

Now that your body and eyes are locked inside four walls, your mind desperately needs to visit galaxies far far away, to discover new words, new worlds, and new ideas.

Movies and shows are also lovely for all these things, but they are more… snack-able. You need to work on the “creating images and thoughts” department.

3. See some people

People are awesome. Technology is also awesome. During this quarantine, you can combine them and get some cute, laggy faces, smiling through little windows on the screen.

4. See some light and keep exercising

Your body needs light and some physical exercise to keep operating and maintain a regular sleep cycle. Before the quarantine, you were walking to the office, going up and down some stairs, or even hitting the gym.

Now, you are locked in 4 walls and you don’t move at all.

Well, you have to. Vitamin D combined with some exercise, is an excellent stimulant that it will keep your body busy and your mind sane. You can walk your dog, or you can beg your cat to take a walk with you. You can even sit next to your window and do some yoga (there are thousands of YouTube videos).

5. Find a new indoor hobby

Painting? Writing? An online class about music?

Everything that makes your mind go “Oh, I don’t even care I’m at home, this is awesome” is a perfect fit.

As mentioned earlier, our digital world is flooded with tutorials for literally everything. Just think about something it would be cool to know, and a random kind internet guy is already there to teach you some basics.

We are humans, after all.We adapt, we improvise, we overcome.

Let’s embrace this situation to better discover ourselves and everything that makes us such unique and creative creatures.



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